Meetingselect Goes GBTA Munich: Learn About SMM For Small Businesses

By Carsten Pleiser

GBTA Munich 2019, Europe's largest business travel conference, is around the corner.

We're extremely excited to be presenting on SMM (Strategic Meeting Management) for small and medium-sized businesses. Our very own Judith Huisman will be onsite and speaking on 20th November 2019 at 4.15pm (CET).

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What is GBTA?

GBTA aims to provide research, training & professional development to the business travel industry. The annual conference starting on 19th November is the perfect place of professionals to indulge in educational and networking sessions.

GBTA is featuring 1.000+ global attendees, 100+ exhibiting companies, 30+ educational sessions, 60+ speakers and sessions on latest industry trends & technology.

The session with Judith Huisman of Meetingselect will focus on how to make meetings more purposeful and create a strategic meeting policy in small to medium-sized organisations.

Why Strategic Meeting Management For Small Businesses?

The adoption rate of Strategic Meetings Management is still low, according to a recent report by CWT Travel. But equally, businesses need to start thinking more strategically. Monitoring meeting spend and implementing policies are key.

Especially small and medium-sized companies are struggling to adapt to the changes in the industry, shorter lead times, demand surplus & increasing rates. Companies must have a plan of action in place.

Our session at GBTA focuses on how to accurately analyse meeting & travel spend and what factors should be included in any meeting policy. The session also incorporates best practices to accommodate the needs of planners in small and medium-sized meeting businesses.

What is Strategic Meetings Management?

Amongst a few other elements, strategic meetings management includes various processes like centralised registration data, strategic processes, contract negotiation & workflow management

As meeting technology advances in terms of affordability and flexibility, it's now more widely available to smaller businesses. Further, research study claims that smaller companies actually achieve a higher rate of success when implementing SMM.

With the opportunity at GBTA Conference 2019, Meetingselect will be present to boost the awareness of SMM for small businesses.

Would you like to join us? 

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